Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well we now have a plot of land, the club is down, and we've been testing equipment, stream and such. I am just so excited!! It's like really happening!! I can't wait to get the grand opening planned and a simple schedule started. So far the build and location have been well received. We now have our stream and it works marvelously. Even yours truly is going to do her best at being a DJ, but is smart enough to realize she will never match muster with her little brother.

I'm just bubbling with excitement and can't wait til we are ready to go! It is open currently and there is radio stream going 24/7. Heck you may even walk in on us testing things and luck into a live DJ as well.

I will keep you updated on the Grand Opening event, but here is a slurl for you to come check it out if the mood strikes ya!

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Arcadian Vanalten said...

And the terraforming and landscaping is continuing apace! Many thanks to the brilliant work of Kriss Lehman of Straylight Botanicals, who just does freakin' awesome landscape elements. Now, if I can just keep from makin' his stuff look bad as I merrily bulldoze, dig holes, and plop stuff down...