Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hair and more hair....

I sure wish designers would make hair transfer. One of my first addictions in my shopping adventures in Second Life was hair. OMG I LOVE HAIR! And OMG I FAIL horribly at trying to make my own, so my inventory is SO packed with hair. But just as my player loves to play with cuts, colors and styles, I love to change things up too. So I've like tons of hair that I can say 'been there... done that' but that is still good hair. And with so many new residents I would love to go to help island and just gift newbie girls/ladies/women with hair from my inventory. I don't want to charge for it. I wore it. I got my use from it. It now clutters my inventory. And I just hate to delete it. Would be so great to be able to just give it away to some new resident and 'make their day'. I mean really. When I think back I had a few kind people, Arcadian one of them, that assisted me, but I was on help island like a week before I figured things out and looked quite, well let's just put it this way, 'right off the turnip truck'. Just wish I could give away old inventory, granting random acts of kindness on new residents. Just to make their day! Ok ramble is over... back to whatever you were working on.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I can't believe the turkey (my lil' brother) made me do this!

Oh sure... I have drug him here and there... But he started it! Told me how to teleport off help island and how to buy lindens and where all the stores were and how to buy things. Since then I've been trying to uninstall RL and just run SL.

And now? ... now? He has drug me to the world of blogging. (sighs with exacerbation) Word to the wise ~ Beware who you make family ~. You may end up with a music crunching, mind twisting, put-on-the-sunglasses- cuz-here-comes the-blond-changeling, pain-in-da-butt-little-brudder, Arcadian Vanalten. He was my first friend in SL and remains one of the dearest. And, who to be honest, I would be utterly lost without.

I can't say how often or what will appear on these pages. At least not until I figure out what do to here. It's the blonde in me. Takes me a bit to catch on sometimes. But in order to reply to HIS blog I had to make MY blog. I can't keep up with RL journaling. What makes him think I can keep up here? (makes note to kick his shins when she sees him again) And for those who might be curious to the musings of such idiosyncrasy that only he can pen, his blog is http://sparechangeling.blogspot.com. Tell him I sent ya! Kick his shins for me. He lubbers it so very much!

Perhaps I'll bring some of my shopping loves and share my exploration of SL. Expound on all the fun it brings to the mundane. I have learned a bit of building and scripting, which I love to torment friends and family with all my 'homemade' gifts. So maybe I'll torment anyone daring to peek in here as well.

Well taa-taa for now and hope life, in whatever form, is going FAB for you today!