Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Ok, Arcadian has dragged me into another venture but this one is FABULOUS! DJ Jocelyn Sands spearheads the annual Bid 4 a Cure event. Arcadian paid me an ultimate compliment by asking me to build something for their annual auction. The project is finished and boxed and delivered ready for auction. What is it you ask? Call it a party in a box. It has a pavillion with color changing dome, benches, flowers, dance machines, and even some custom textures to make banners or balloons for whatever occasion that might be celebrated. It was fun to pull together and for a very worthy cause.

What is Bid4aCure? Bid4aCure is a group created to raise money for two member organizations of the International Diabetes Federatoin: Diabetes UK and the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Fund raisers are held in June, which include an auction for goods and services donated by various residents. To that end, Jocelyn is hosting a massive series of charity auctions of fine virtual goods and services from some of the best designers in the Second Life virtual world. The auctions are set up for the 15th and the 29th of June; additionally, there will be "insulin syringe" donation kiosks set up all around the virtual world. All proceeds will be donated to ongoing research to limit the effects of this illness, with the long-range goal to eventually find a cure to make the dreaded daily insulin shots a thing of the past.

There'll be 2 separate auctions, planned for 6/15 and 6/29. The venue has yet to be decided, although I'll have a SLURL for you as soon as that gets firmed up. I hope you too will make some time to support this very worthy and timely cause.

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